AI-Driven Advertising Platform

for Independent Marketers, Brands and Agencies


AI-Driven Programmatic Ads

AI-based advertising platform with precise targetting and automatized optimization based on machine learning

Global Reach

Various niche audiences segmented by geo, language and interests


Campaign data encryption means its performance data is accessible only to our advertiser

Fraud Prevention

We control the quality of our traffic by monitoring all of our publishers. Buy customers, not bots!

High Conversion Rates

Our AI-powered system identifies the most efficient advertising strategies and takes care about adaptive evalution of the ongoing performance


Ability to recreate similar results on various volumes based on adaptive AI-powered programmatic optimization strategies




TrafficJab offers a full stack of ad monetization solutions for digital media publishers & mobile app developers that turns a digital space into a robust, yield-generating advertising tool. No doubt publishers will gain the most of their online presense by complementing their websites or/and mobile ads with highly relevant ads.

Speed up your selling efforts with TrafficJab traffic monetization platform. Try AI-based programmatic solutions to uncover the real power of your web or mobile app!

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide with high-quality advertising solutions that fully automate digital advertising with the help of AI-based learning approach. We help online marketers to reach their target audiences and drive revenue that exceed any imaginable expectations. We also provide media owners with tools for effective web & mobile monetization that results best CPMs. TrafficJab advertising solutions allow launching highly targetted, optimized and consumer-oriented ad campaigns of any scale.